Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sewing from the Kitchen Table

Well it seems that the kitchen table is not just for meals anymore.  I have claimed one end for my sewing.  I just couldn't go anymore without the stress relief that sewing gives me.  Although it isn't ideal or my huge sewing room I used to have it functions.  I have actually been able to turn out quite a few projects recently and its been great.  I have started to accept what I have and work with it.  I know that many others have only known a kitchen table or small desk for a sewing space and get by just fine, so there is no reason I can't do the same. Mostly I have worked on Christmas gifts and decorations, a YaYa's Apron, Ali Foster Purse, crayon rolls, candy cane curtains etc.... I love Christmas!   I tried to make the YaYa's apron reversible, but that didn't quite turn out as planned lol Sivje's pattern is perfect though and I can't wait to try more.  The Round Satchel Bag sewing pattern by Ali Foster is fabulous and great to whip up.


  1. This post is nicely written about sewing. I think she is right to claim that sewing is best from kitchen table or small desk.


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