Friday, January 30, 2015

GreenStyle Creations Plus Size Laurel Dress

I had the great pleasure of testing the new plus sized Laurel Dress/Tunic pattern by GreenStyle Creations.  Angelyn was a pleasure to work with in perfecting the pattern for us plus sized ladies and together a great fit was created.  This pattern has some great features including 4 sleeve lengths, 4 skirt lengths and 3 bodice lengths.  You can completely customize a shirt or dress to fit you, the pattern includes size 0X to 3X. Fabric with at least 25% stretch is needed to ensure a proper fit.

The first test shirt I did in a bigger size, I am always afraid of having things turn out too small, I am sure most plus sized women understand that. I really liked how it turned out and it was the perfect length to wear over legging with boots.  One of the initial fit issues was the bodice length and that was solved in our testing.  This version is the regular bodice which was a bit long on me, but the final pattern adjusted the bodice levels.  The length is tunic length and elbow length sleeves. Don't mind the little glowing eyed photo bombing doggie Ziva ;)

The next Laurel I made I decided to try a size down.  Which always makes me feel great!  Since its winter and I don't wear dresses much I chose the shirt length with regular bodice length and short sleeves.  Oh My Goodness!  I am in love with this pattern.  My husband liked and complemented me on the fit and style.  And the craziest complement yet??? My tween daughter loved the fit on me. Mothers of tweens and teens can totally relate to this!  Score!

So hop on over to GreenStyle Creations and for a limited time using the code 20discount you can get 20% off the pattern. Check out their other great patterns while you are there! More neckline add ons to the pattern are in the works as well!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Serger Pepper's Everyday Tank Top Review

My full review of the Everyday Tank Top and Dress Pattern by Serger Pepper will be on the DIY Crush Website soon.  But I couldn't wait to share some photos with everyone. This pattern is a keeper, especially for tween patterns! For full review and more photos please join DIY-Crush's email list and check back frequently.
UPDATE: Here is the full review, head on over to check it out and give DIY Crush a look! 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Back to Sewing and a Side of Cuteness

I finally took some time to get some sewing in this month.  Life as a mom of  3 and wife to a full time mechanical engineer college student and helper on my parents ranch keeps life crazy.  But then who doesn't have a crazy life.  My wonderful husband designed some fantastic shelves for my sewing area to help me get organized, and after stocking the shelves he made I realized I need many more. Or maybe I should get through some of my fabric stash, but what fun is that ;)

My mom asked me to sew a knit jacket for her trip down south, I was happy to do it.  The pattern is a Burda Style 7167.  I was happy with how the pattern went together and the fabric is so gorgeous and soft.  The pictures don't do it justice, its more vibrant in person.

And just for a cuteness factor, here is my doggie Ziva and kitty Velcro snuggling on my chair next to the heater while I sewed.

Monday, June 23, 2014

A brave post about the Bombshell Swimsuit Pattern

I have been eyeing this pattern for a while and finally bit the bullet and purchased it.  I purchased some clearance swimsuit fabric at JA's to try it out with.
I chose to make the size 18 with the deep v neck and halter ties.  With any pdf pattern it takes a bit to get everything printed, cut aligned and ready for the fabric.  I decided not to make any adjustments since it was designed for a 5'6" lady which is my height.  Even though I find a lot of suits to be too short in length.
I got everything cut out yesterday evening and started sewing, and worked late into the night. And by late I mean early...2 am....  Which I shouldn't do because I get tired and make mistakes, like sewing the back bodice pieces inside out...both of them....yep my poor seam ripper got a work out.  But I was determined to finish it today.  I have seen plenty of posts about how fast this comes together, but I don't think this is a just whip it up project.....It took me 5 hours to finish it up today, and I don't know how long I worked last night.  I really really wanted to love the pattern on me.  But I found even with the sew along on The Closet Case Files Blog and the directions for some things were still confusing.  She uses view A for the sew a long and some of the directions are different for view B. I guess I would have like to see more pics of putting the view B together. I somewhere missed when to gather the front bodice, but got it figure out in the end.  Then I thought the front skirt didn't come together nicely after doing the elastic in the legs.  Maybe I missed something but I almost think it should have had the elastic added and folded over before being added and sandwiched together with everything else.  Maybe that wouldn't work either.  I got it finished up and all that was left was the trying on.  I really don't care to model things this skimpy but I want other women in my size to see what it looks like, so please be kind.  Over all I thought the fit was ok.  I think I could have done the elastic in the leg openings a little smaller as I felt it was a little loose.  I was nervous about the back ruching, but I found it to be flattering.  I do however have issues with the upper back, yep you will see in the pictures what I mean.  It just comes to just the wrong location on me, maybe shortening the bodice would help, I don't know, but I don't really care for how it fits there.  I will probably wear it I just wish the back fit a little differently.  Overall I think it is a good pattern, just not for my body type.  But don't expect a quick sew, there are lots of pieces and lots of gathering and fiddly parts.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Birthday Sis Boom Meghan Dress

Ever since I made the Sis Boom Jenny dress for myself out of that gorgeous butterfly charmeuse, my daughter has been begging for a dress of her own.  But I had to take a break from the fabric before I could attempt making anything out of it again.  Those little studs and sparkles are quite a pita.  I decided I wanted a pattern that was easy, and not fitted or zippered as I had limited time to finish the dress. The Sis Boom Meghan was my top choice, I have a lot of patterns I could have used but seriously I can't beat the directions or the way the clothing turns out using Sis Boom patterns, they are my go to pattern.  So ever so secretly I started working on it.  At one point my daughter infiltrated the sewing area, demanding to know what it was I was working on, well I managed to make her think I was sewing a shirt for myself....she was so bummed ;)  I gave it to her for her 12th birthday, she was so excited!  The fit was great too.  I think I will be making more of these for her, maybe some shirts too.  I need to make some for myself as well, but as spring finally starts to show around here I have a million projects outside that need tackled as well.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Dancing Horses Cross Body Bag

Since I am heading on vacation soon I realized that I needed a bag that I could wear across my body, that held my kindle, wallet, passport and other little items.  I decided to just wing it with the pattern since I didn't have any that were large enough.  Well as usually winging it has its issues :)  I used a stiff stabilizer because I didn't want a floppy bag and it made turning it a bit of a nightmare. I attached the lining and the body of the bag with bias tape.  Which worked well except I hadn't planned for straps, so I just ended up sewing them on after.  Not quite as nice of a finished look but still functional.  It has a big open pocket on the front as well as a large zipper pocket and my kindle fits great in the main compartment.  Of course I used one of my most hoarded fabrics, Dancing Horses by Laurel Burch.  It pained me to even cut into it.  But I have realized I will get to see the fabric more if I actually use it instead of leaving it in a drawer.  I am hoping to have a chance to whip up a simple wallet for the trip too but I am not sure I will have time.  Due to our crazy cold temps (-41 with -60 windchill yesterday) we have frozen pipes on one half of our house and I will have to haul laundry in order to wash it.....I am really ready for spring!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Technical Difficulties

oh hai  almos dun wif fixin'
It was brought to my attention that comments weren't working on my blog.  So I set about to fix that.  I think my first issue was that Disqus had updated and was not working.  So I just removed that all together.  Then I did some updates on the blog layout and look.  I hope you like it.  Blogger kept having an error and losing all my changes, after about 15 attempts I finally got it right I hope! If anyone notices anything not working please send me a message so I can take care of it right away! Thanks for your patience!